The Zambia Correctional Service Health Directorate is established by the Prisons Amendment Act of 2004 with the purpose of providing and administering health care within the Service. The creation of this Directorate was necessitated by the high rates of diseases especially HIV and AIDS and Tuberculosis in correctional facilities. The Directorate was formally established in 2009 with the appointment of a medical Doctor as the Health Director.

Some of the functions of the Directorate include:

  1. Provide health services to inmates, staff and defined prison communities
  2. Plan and support implementation of public health initiatives at all levels;
  3. Promote quality, effectiveness, efficiency and equity in health care;
  4. Monitor and evaluate the provision of health care services in prison health facilities.


The Unit is responsible for planning and monitoring and evaluating the implementation of programmes and projects in the Service.  The Unit is also responsible for designing and implementing research programmes in order to provide information for decision making.


Infrastructure Development Unit is responsible for the maintenance of prison infrastructure in order to improve the welfare of officers and inmates. It ensures that there is adequate, habitable and secure Service infrastructure which includes the following: Office space, Correctional facilities and Staff accommodation and welfare. 


The College is responsible for implementing training programmes for recruits, cadet officers and serving officers in order to equip them with requisite skills and knowledge and prepare them for entry into the Service.


Katombora Reformatory School in Kazungula District, Southern Province is the only Male Reformatory School in the country where all young male offenders are taken. It was opened in the early 1950s as a rehabilitation and reformation centre for young offenders. The School which falls under the Zambia Correctional Service is headed by the Reformatory Superintendent.