The Planning and Information Department was created in 1993 (as the Planning Unit under HQs) within the general Government Policy of having Sectoral Planning Units for each Ministry.  The unit was turned into a Department in line with restructuring programme in 2005 to be responsible for coordinating the planning of the Ministry’s policies and programmes and effectively monitoring and evaluating their implementation as well as providing necessary information on the Ministry’s programmes and operations.

The overall objective of the department is to improve strategic planning, information management, resource mobilization, gender mainstreaming, facilitate policy formulation and analysis as well as impact assessment in the areas within the Ministry’s mandate.


The Department has an establishment of thirty three (33) positions and is headed by a Director who is assisted by six (6) Chief Planners, each responsible for a unit. The following are the units:-
Policy, Parliamentary and Cabinet Business Unit;
Planning and Budgeting Unit;
Development Coordination Unit;
Monitoring and Evaluation Unit;
Information and Communication Technology Unit; and
Communication and Education Unit.



The functions of the department include:-

Policy Coordination, Parliamentary and Cabinet Business;
Planning and Budgeting;
Resource Mobilization;
Research, Communication and Education;
Information Systems Management, as well as
Monitoring and Evaluation of ministerial programmes.