Our Motto

“To provide quality correctional services”

Our Mission Statement

 “ To effectively and efficiently provide and maintain humane custodial and correctional services to inmates and to increase industrial and agricultural production in order to contribute to the well- being and reformation of inmates and maintenance of internal security”.

Our Vision

“ A passionate Correctional Service that provides humane custody and quality correctional services”.

Our Core Functions

The Service carries out its mandate in the following core functions:

  • Custodial – The Service ensures that inmates are humanely kept and maintained in all its prisons/correctional centres country wide until they are lawfully discharged.
  • Correctional – The Service has moved away from retributive form of imprisonment to correctional. This is done through skills training of inmates and also through psycho-social and spiritual counselling and educational programmes.
  • Industrial and Agricultural Production – The Service is also involved in agricultural activities as part of skills development for inmates and contributing to the national food security