Zambia Correctional Service (ZCS) is one of the National Security Services in the country. The Service falls under the Ministry of Home Affairs and is established under Article 193 of the Constitution Amendment Act no.2 of 2016. It is governed by an Act of Parliament, the Prisons Act CAP 134 of the Laws of Zambia as amended in CAP 97 of the Laws of Zambia (being repealed by the Correctional Service Bill).

 In Article 193 (1), the Constitution states that, there are established the following national security services— (a) the Zambia Police Service; (b) the Zambia Security Intelligence Service; (c) the Zambia Correctional Service; and (d) any other national security service, as  prescribed. In Article 193 (4), the Constitution outlines the mandate of the Zambia Correctional Service as follows:  “The Zambia Correctional Service shall: (a) Manage regulate and ensure the security of prisons and correctional centers; and (b) Perform other functions as prescribed”.

The Service is headed by the Commissioner General and is subdivided into two divisions, each headed by a Deputy Commissioner General.

The Service has 87 correctional facilities dotted around the country. Of this number, 52 are conventional Correctional facilities, two (2) are Maximum Security Prisons while 33 are Open Air correctional facilities.

This is the highest office in the organisational structure of the Zambia Correctional Service, followed by two Divisions: The Operations Division and Finance and Administration Division, each headed by a Deputy Commissioner General. The Office of the Commissioner General has the following Units under it:

  • Legal,
  • Public Relations,
  • Internal Audit and ·
  • Corrections Secretary

The service’s rank structure is as follows


Commissioner General

Deputy Commissioner General


Deputy Commissioner

Senior Assistant Commissioner

Assistant Commissioner

Senior Superintendent


Assistant Superintendent



Chief Inspector



Sub inspector




This division is responsible for the custodial services of the inmates until they are lawfully discharged. It also coordinates logistical support for all the Service’s activities through motor transport. The Division has the following Directorates:

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